Saturday, 28 March 2009

Atherstone v Leamington FC 0–0

Okay, I figure I should add some comments now - just a distraction from getting on with work! Another enjoyable trip with fellow companions: Roger, Andrew, Billy & Lewis on our first trip to Atherstone - excited & slightly wary of what was ahead given the reputation of the host fans along with a very important fixture. We followed a fellow Leamington vehicle (spotted the LFC sticker in the window) - possibly a lot of the traffic at that time had come from Leamington anyway. With a pleasant diversion via the town centre which, I have to say, looked like a very nice town indeed which didn't really gel with what I'd heard about Atherstone beforehand. On entry to the ground all the staff & helpers we came across seemed very helpful & welcoming which was unexpected and much appreciated.
And despite some unsuitable lyrics from both sets of fans - it turned out to be a loud, cold, wet, windy affair with a point each for both teams which, judging by the loud cheers at the end, was good enough & a relief to the huge amount of Leamington followers. 
Anyway, enough blurb and onto the stupid picture captions - 1st off is Luke who was kind enough to try and hold up the Atherstone player who was about to fall backwards:
Next, we have Bello getting spooked by Liam's quality keepy-uppy. Atherstone keeper decides he's seen enough and comes over to spoil the fun:
Jai seemed to get a bit wound up pretty quick - which wasn't helped by the Atherstone players taking the mickey by hopping after him: 
Bello links arms with the Atherstone defender for the next dance:
Jacko makes Tom Bates cry:
Leamington corner coming in ... Keeper calls for the ball ...
... But his defender beats him to it ...
Guy sees a chance ... but it ain't going in:
Later Bello forces keeper to grab the ball out of his area - luckily for the keeper, he is shielded from the lino's view:
Somehow Bello nabs the ball of the keeps ...
... and impressively hoofs it into the top corner of the net:
More attempts fail to break Atherstone down as Brakes keep up the pressure:
Bello presses the defence more & more:
... and more! ...
Atherstone defenders clearly have a bit of help from a higher place:
Luke keeps up the pressure:
And despite a few good chances in the very latter stages; it was not to be. 
A point for each keeps the pressure on everyone.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Leamington FC v Woodford United @ NWG

Some pics from today's match against an inferior team I would say. Not Parky's best return to the NWG - but then perhaps he shouldn't have saluted in such a way to the Harbury Lane End in the first half - as his day only got worse. You can think up your own captions (I may add some at a later date). Just as well Bello stayed on the pitch til the end to, I believe, set a new goal scoring record. Not a bad day at the office for Leamington - but pretty poor for the Woodford defence. 

New Player?

So who is the mystery man seen warming up with the Brakes squad before the game? Doesn't have any Leamington kit yet - so we shall see...

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sunset over Barton

Despite all the action on the pitch, Andrew was suitably impressed by the vista behind us and badgered me until i went 'click' in the opposite direction. 

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Barton Rovers v Leamington FC

A very enjoyable trip down with Andrew, Billy & Roger down the M1 to play Barton Rovers, not before watching the 2nd half of Liverpool v Man U in the very nice and friendly Royal Oak around the corner. Here are some photos from the Leamington game.
Firstly, Below catches the ball...
turns, shoots...