Saturday, 28 March 2009

Atherstone v Leamington FC 0–0

Okay, I figure I should add some comments now - just a distraction from getting on with work! Another enjoyable trip with fellow companions: Roger, Andrew, Billy & Lewis on our first trip to Atherstone - excited & slightly wary of what was ahead given the reputation of the host fans along with a very important fixture. We followed a fellow Leamington vehicle (spotted the LFC sticker in the window) - possibly a lot of the traffic at that time had come from Leamington anyway. With a pleasant diversion via the town centre which, I have to say, looked like a very nice town indeed which didn't really gel with what I'd heard about Atherstone beforehand. On entry to the ground all the staff & helpers we came across seemed very helpful & welcoming which was unexpected and much appreciated.
And despite some unsuitable lyrics from both sets of fans - it turned out to be a loud, cold, wet, windy affair with a point each for both teams which, judging by the loud cheers at the end, was good enough & a relief to the huge amount of Leamington followers. 
Anyway, enough blurb and onto the stupid picture captions - 1st off is Luke who was kind enough to try and hold up the Atherstone player who was about to fall backwards:
Next, we have Bello getting spooked by Liam's quality keepy-uppy. Atherstone keeper decides he's seen enough and comes over to spoil the fun:
Jai seemed to get a bit wound up pretty quick - which wasn't helped by the Atherstone players taking the mickey by hopping after him: 
Bello links arms with the Atherstone defender for the next dance:
Jacko makes Tom Bates cry:
Leamington corner coming in ... Keeper calls for the ball ...
... But his defender beats him to it ...
Guy sees a chance ... but it ain't going in:
Later Bello forces keeper to grab the ball out of his area - luckily for the keeper, he is shielded from the lino's view:
Somehow Bello nabs the ball of the keeps ...
... and impressively hoofs it into the top corner of the net:
More attempts fail to break Atherstone down as Brakes keep up the pressure:
Bello presses the defence more & more:
... and more! ...
Atherstone defenders clearly have a bit of help from a higher place:
Luke keeps up the pressure:
And despite a few good chances in the very latter stages; it was not to be. 
A point for each keeps the pressure on everyone.


  1. That just proves their keeper handled outside his area. Lucky for him that the linesman couldn't see it.

  2. a very bizarre few seconds - and Bello sure put it in the back of the net with a quality finish. Ref was a bit all over the place with his decisions.