Saturday, 4 April 2009

Leamington FC v Rothwell Town @ NWG

Ryan seems unimpressed by Cadzy's choice of new team captain:
Alex Malong, the Rothwell keeper managed to take most high balls with ease. He thoroughly enjoyed to take his time when he had the ball, even from the first few minutes of the game. Much to the delight of all the home fans. 
The early pressure was soon to disappear as Leamington's game seem to drop nearer the poor play from Rothwell, who were happy to all sit in their own half.
Jacko shows off his levitation technique:
Not much went on in the first half - so here we are starting the 2nd half, with the lino giving a few pointers to Malong (and telling him not to worry about having a 'little 1'):
Rothwell defender takes a shine to Bello:
Just holding him to prevent him falling over:
James Husband has a run round the middle of the park:
pressure starts to mount as the clock ticks away:
James being held back in the box:
Mykel Beckley comes on and adds extra pace up front:
Hmmm... Inside or Outside the area - What do you reckon? Ref was not giving us much at this stage!
Malong eyes Bello:
Chris Murphy starts to stir it up too:
Josh Blake is added up front as Brakes try and break them down in the final minutes:
The pressure mounts:
After much pinging around the box, the ball is finally netted (I was too distracted by watching to bother to take any pics). But, for some reason, the ref disallows the goal - much to the frustration and disbelief of all:
After the long delay in getting the match going again - Rothwell keeper still not in any hurry (this may have been when he got booked for time-wasting, in fact). The Brakes continue to press: 
After Malong collects another ball, he loses it as he falls to ground and Bello is there to finally bag another and massive celebrations (& relief!) all round the ground.
Justice is done in the 89th minute. Team seems pleased with Bello.
Relief all around the ground and Jacko plays out the final minutes of extra-time:

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