Saturday, 18 April 2009

Leamington FC v Malvern Town

Well it started calmly enough:
Bello hints to the Malvern keeper that he will be back shortly:
1st corner, 2 minutes in, No 3 asks Bello to stay there so Bello waits...
and scores!
Thats a nice start.
Jacko ignores big yellow ball and uses the small one instead:
Guy has a turn:
Back of the net again. 2-0.
Here comes Bello:
Cadzy responds to the crowd:
Luke's getting close!
Last minute duck to avoid being hit in the face. James Husband managed to pick Jim Scott out in the crowd later with the ball.
Bello is everywhere!
Malvern defence react positively:
Luke using the force again:
This time he reverts to using more conventional methods:
Even Ace wants to get on the score sheet:
Bello learns from Luke and uses his own 'force':
Stu in attack mode:
Another goal - but I've lost count now:
Then wants more:
Liam enjoys running down the wing:
Chris Murphy making life difficult for the young Malvern defence:
Malvern keeper grabs Liam by the hair and throws him out the way:
Chris turns his man:
... through into the box, whilst Malvern player has a quick chat with lino:
Bello gets something horrid stuck on his shoulder:
Here comes Josh:
... and adds another: 
Josh wants more: 
Bello goes for his third:
Coops sends in another:
Gee ... that's enough! I'll have a quick look and see if anything decent from the celebrations and post later. In the meantime - well done Leamington FC! All the Players, Staff, Volunteers and Supporters. Awesome way to clinch the title!


  1. Great pics and laugh out loud sub-titles.

  2. Thanks Nick! I don't know how you've got time to be looking with all the extra clips you've got to edit!

  3. I have to do something while the tapes are importing and the curry is cooking!

  4. Fair do's! Looking forward to all the extra curry flavoured clips!

  5. Cracking pictures, Simon, nice one for sharing them all with us. :)

  6. Cheers Paul. Glad that people enjoy them coz it sure takes a long time to sort and upload the darn things! (especially after a goal-fest & champagne party!)